About Us

Truncile.com derived from True Chronicles, is a pro nationalist opinion and news portal, launched in July 2020 by US based NRIs. Trunicle focuses on topics that are related to India policy, governance and current affairs. It also focuses on publishing positive & development oriented articles for youth who today struggle to find relevant material online. Trunicle does this by empowering individuals to come and raise their voice for what is RIGHT.

We believe that nothing is more eternal than Truth..

सत्यम् एव ईश्वरो लोके सत्यम् पद्मा समाश्रिता |

सत्य मूलानि सर्वाणि सत्यान् न अस्ति परम् पदम् ||

“Truth is verily god and all virtues follow truth. All are rooted in truth, there is nothing higher than truth.”
[ ― Bhagavan Shri Rama, Valmiki Ramayana 2.109.13]

We are a group of engineering graduates & entrepreneurs who incessantly work for India, and strive hard to tell her story to millions of NRis across the globe.

Come let us walk the journey together….